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About Romania

Romania is the leader.

Romania is the leader in Europe, and sixth in the world, in terms of the number of certified IT specialists, with density rates per 1,000 inhabitants greater than in the US or Russia.

There are almost +100,000 specialists in the IT sector. Approximately 5,000 of the 30,000 engineers graduating every year in Romania are trained in ICT.

The IT&C sector in Romania is considered as a primary growth driver with a year-on-year growth of 9% and forecasts that by 2020 it will be worth EUR 4 billion.

A constant development of +15 years in software outsourcing enabled Romania to collect world class expertise in IT&C solutions, which companies may find as extra great added value when facing outsourcing decisions.

Global companies already leverage the highly technical and friendly workforce, a cost-effective business environment of Romanian software developers at a fraction of the cost compared to Western Europe, while maintaining the product quality. In the same time contributing to the initial development of the tech start-up environment that is developing today.

Why should you consider us?

Technical Craftsmanship

Highly experienced professionals with various software methodologies and technical excellence within various companies, ready to create products and deliver high value-added services by leveraging technology, data, and knowledge.

Artificial Inteligence

  • Machine Learning

  • NLP

  • Deep Learning

Web Development

  • Javascript / React / Angular / Node

  • Python

  • Ruby

  • Php / Java / .NET

  • C, C++

Mobile Development

  • iOS

  • Android

  • React Native

Product & Design

  • Product Management

  • Ui/Ux Design


  • Automotive Software

  • Bank & Insurance Platforms

  • Retail Solutions (eCommerce)

  • Hospitality

  • Cloud Solutions (SOA, SaaS, PaaS)

  • Entertainment (Gaming, Streaming)

  • Urban Mobility (Car/Ride sharing)

  • LifeScience (eHealth)

  • Utilities (Telcom, Energy)

  • MarketTech

  • Enterprise Portals & CMS

  • Cybersecurity Solutions

"Romania has been a favoured IT outsourcing destination for many years, with competitive advantages including its domestic market of 20m, one of Europe’s fastest-growing economies, and young graduates with good language skills. The country can also build on its communist legacy of excellence in science, mathematics, and technical education. The focus is shifting to using these to develop homegrown innovative companies." - Financial Times
"The best Romanian coding talent was noticed by Microsoft in its hay day. It’s now gradually becoming democratised, spread out across more platforms, initially through outsourcing and now through the influx of Western start-ups in search of affordable skills." - TechCrunch
"However, one of Romania’s biggest strengths is its wealth of technical talent.  Internships and vocational training are particularly strong, driven by a culture of self learning, and it is these skills and qualities that are now helping to create the technical infrastructure for high growth tech firms from all over Europe." - Forbes
Our team and network of associates.

We Work for Your Success

Valentin Maior

General Manager

Mircea Vadan


Stefan Koritar


Oana Bouraoui

Associate Consultant


Mia Negru

Associate Consultant


Flavia Richardson

Associate Consultant

United Kingdom

Andrada Dugan

Associate Consultant


Diana Florescu

Associate Consultant

United Kingdom

They talk about us


Zsolt Mathé

CEO at One Logic Consulting Group, France

"It’s rare that you come across somebody with a large professional network like Valentin. I’ve met him when he was launching the Romanian IT association in Paris. By that time we were looking for a Business Developer and he helped us find one really fast by activating his contacts.When I am in a need of a resource that is IT related he is one of the first persons I’m reaching out to."

Hugues Mauderly

CTO at Webedia, France

"Valentin is a team player and a great developer at the same time with expertise and understanding of design and implementation of systems for Internet environments.
He has an understanding of the needs, requirements and a great work ability. He's not afraid to evolve and radically change things so it could fit better the project purposes.”

Gregory N. Vider

Business Consultant

“Valentin is a very competent and diligent manager of IT projects.He delivers what he promises and guides non-IT clients with patience.”

We share our thoughts on technology, design, business and life in general.

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