Scale Your Business with Outsourced Sales

We amplify your sales process, you unlock business growth and close more deals.


 Accelerate your sales growth rate

You get a fully functional, scalable outsourced sales team in no time. And without the expensive need to hire internally. 

With a dedicated outsourced sales team operating at peak efficiency, you can exceed your targets and increase revenue faster than you think!
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Get access to an experienced and reliable sales team

We fully adapt to your company and act as an internal sales team. As such, we have your best interest at heart, and you can trust us to close deals on your behalf.

Developing a deep understanding of your business model as fast as possible is our top priority: we act as a part of the team no matter how complex your business and internal procedures are.
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Stretching success: we act as an extension of your company

You get full access to our sales expertise to help you significantly increase your ROI and accelerate your sales pipeline.

Do more with less. Our sales team brings you the best results and know-how without the hassle of training, hiring and managing.
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Marketing leads are priceless! Don't let them go to waste just because they exceed your team's capacity. We can help you follow up on all inbound marketing leads and close more deals.
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Sell more without lifting a finger! Let your team take care of big clients while we focus on taking every opportunity from small and mid-sized customers.
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01. Investigation

We start by learning your business model, competitors and clients' behaviors. We use our experience and know-how to complete your process and help you scale faster.

03. Initiation

We learn fast and continuously adapt and improve our message as we get to know your buyers. We'll use this information to help you close more deals. 

02. Preparation

Your unique value proposition needs the best presentation! We develop new pitches or improve your current ones to find the best ways to present your product or service to your customers.

04. Evaluation

With us, you always know what your outsourced sales team is doing. We provide real-time reporting and hold biweekly meetings to improve our results and give you full transparency into your sales process.

01. Investigation

We draw from our own extensive experience, perform in-depth research, and can audit your sales calls in order to gain a full understanding of your vertical, competitive landscape, and the language of your buyers.

02. Initiation

Time is money, and we waste none getting started. We continuously refine our messaging and approach as we speak with your buyers, learn more about them, and start closing deals.

03. Preparation

We collaborate with you to develop elevator pitches and add to your current pitches, in order to best convey your unique value proposition and present your product or service as the solution to customer pain points.

04. Evaluation

We provide comprehensive real-time reports and hold biweekly meetings to give context and transparency into our efforts, as well as ensure consistent improvement and results.

A data-driven sales approach with a focus on modern tools

We stay up to date with the latest sales best practices and tools to help you and your team scale and close more deals, faster.

You get complete visibility into the process no matter the sales tools we use, be it your CRM or manual prospecting.
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Your outsourced sales department at a fraction of the cost

Hiring, onboarding and training sales a department internally is easier said than done. We're providing a fully trained team, dedicated to helping you scale your sales. 

A Success Manager will take care of your sales strategy, a Project Manager will oversee the day-to-day tasks and one or more Sales Specialists will help you with closing deals.

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Don’t Take OUR Word for It. See What Clients Say About Working with Techmatch

“Techmatch has helped us achieve a better understanding of the European IT landscape since we started our collaboration. They have been very professional, demanding the necessary effort for the expected result. Together with Valentin, we are optimizing our sales process and getting better leads day by day.  We are happy that Linnify has been and is still benefiting from their experience and connections.”

Cătălin Briciu

Co-Founder at Linnify
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"Valentin has given us really helpful insights on how to automatize our sales process by recommending the tools for prospecting and also showed the right way for reaching out to clients.'

miklos kekkoi

Co-Founder at Alkubot
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"Valentin has guided us through the vast complexity of the sales process, also providing valuable insights about how we can align our marketing efforts into gaining the best possible outcomes for our company. He is passionate about his work, involved in every aspect of our collaboration and truly interested in achieving the best possible results."

Vlad marușCA

CEO & Founder at RedBee Software
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