With personalised, cost-efficient solutions, we help you build and scale your profitable business by unlocking the technical expertise of:

30+ software delivery partners

300+ projects delivered

3000+ professionals in our network

We take the pulse of the tech ecosystem with the help of our growing network of Brand Ambassadors

Oana Bouraoui

Partnership Manager
@My EU Consulting

Mia Negru

CRO @2030Builders

Flavia Richardson

Vice President
@Silicon Valley Bank
United Kindom

Andrada Dugan

Head of Rolling Club

Diana Florescu

Head of marketing, Startup Engagement
United Kindom

See What Founders Are Saying About How We Help Startups Scale Up Their Business By Matching Them to Curated Software Providers

Edward Hall - CEO, Petrics - Customer Review

"We had been developing a pet healthcare technology platform that uses IoT devices and data analytics in vet medicine and nutrition. As a startup, implementing the technology to achieve such a complex system can be difficult with limited resources.

We learned of TechMatch at Startup Grind Global 2018 in Redwood City. At that time we were in the process of seeking potential investors and strategic partners in machine learning, data analytics, and software engineering.

Valentin had shown his knowledge in technology, the industry, and what struggles were common for companies at our stage and how to overcome them which made me confident to move forward with him and Tech Match.

They were able to help us identify our true areas of weakness within our technology implementation plan and the resources we were currently using, as well as the resources we were not using at the time.

Tech Match was able to help us improve our thought process as well as helping identify potential tech firms to help us reduce risk and eliminate tech debt. Additionally, they facilitated and joined the discussions with the firms to accelerate the process of vetting and negotiations to the point we even received offers for investment from one of the firms.

If a company wants to accelerate its tech and eliminate tech debt or need help developing a plan to solve their needs, then they should contact Tech Match now. I highly recommend them.”

Edward Hall, Founder and CEO @ Petrics

Other Satisfied Customers

Zsolt Mathé

CEO at One Logic Consulting Group, France

"It’s rare that you come across somebody with a large professional network like Valentin. I’ve met him when he was launching the Romanian IT association in Paris. By that time we were looking for a Business Developer and he helped us find one really fast by activating his contacts.When I am in a need of a resource that is IT related he is one of the first persons I’m reaching out to."

Hugues Mauderly

CTO at Webedia, France

"Valentin is a team player and a great developer at the same time with expertise and understanding of design and implementation of systems for Internet environments.
He has an understanding of the needs, requirements and a great work ability. He's not afraid to evolve and radically change things so it could fit better the project purposes.”

Gregory N. Vider

Co-Founder Apadua

“Valentin is a very competent and diligent manager of IT projects.He delivers what he promises and guides non-IT clients with patience.”

What it meas to work with us?

1. We pre-screen all our tech delivery partners
We only work with delivery partners that deliver high quality products, at fair prices. How we gather this insight? We take them through a rigorous screening process in which we take a deep dive into their portfolio.
We go through through the countless hours of research, so YOU don't have to. Tech Match is your one-stop-shop into the Romanian tech ecosystem.

2. You get a thorough business needs assesment
Our goal is to build a long-lasting relationship with you and your business. We know that trust is key so we ensure to go through the specs of your project and your pain points. This way we get to better identify how exactly we can help. We use our technical expertise to analyze your project and to pre-screen the price offers our delivery partners send in.
We use the insight we have to match you with the right partner for your business needs. You can get to dedicate your TIME & ENERGY on other important aspects of your business.

3. You get a curated list of delivery partners
You’re already joggling a lot of tasks, so we handle the process of finding the right business partner. We use our pre-screened network of 3000+ professionals to deliver you a short-list of partners that we believe match closely your needs and that can offer you a cost-effective solution. All you have left to do is select the partner you want to work with. Use their expertise to get to market FAST.

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What do you actually do?
We connect. We've built a large network of actors in tech ( from solo professionals, small product houses to large outsourcing companies) and we act as your one stop shop for your tech needs. We can help you build a remote team to strenghten the lines so you can deliver on time. We can connect you to a trusted software development house from Romania to help you build your MVP, full product or get you over a technical roadblock.

How do I know your delivery partners are trustworthy and deliver high quality outputs?
We take the time to conduct due-dilligence our partners and only work with the ones that have a proven track record of delivering high quality work. We screen them based on their portfolio and on …

What does it mean that I will get a curated list of deliver partners from you?
It means we will give you a short list of partners we think are right for you. How we establish that? We use the interactions we have with you to get a deep understanding of your project requirements, technical implementation roadmap and your work style. We also pay attention to what has not worked for you in the past, so we can improve the quality of our match. We’ve mapped out our delivery partners, their strenghts and weaknesses, and we’ll look for the right fit for you. Within days you’ll receive 3 price offers. You will then decide on your own with which partner to work with.


We are, ourselves, the product of the CEE Tech Ecosystem, so we believe highly in its potential.

Valentin Maior, CEO

Entrepreneurial spirit with a hunger for innovation, building and helping businesses grow. I spend my 10 years tech career in roles ranging from dev, PM and Tech Lead, in both Romania and France.

Community Projects

Mircea Vadan, partner

I like creating: understanding a problem from its roots, finding and testing the best solution driven by facts and logic.

Startup founder. Product Manager. Community organiser

Community Projects

Stefan Koritar

Experienced product development and business management professional with a demonstrated history of working in the technology startup industry. Skilled in building strategies from the ground-up, Innovation Management, Start-ups, Leadership and Marketing.

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